Thoughts on the new year, automotive culture, SEMA and more ๐Ÿ

When you helped get me elected to the SEMA Board of Directors, I promised you that I would take you on this journey with me. This email serves to continue that communication as well as to welcome you to 2020, a year that promises to be very interesting for the performance industry and all Americans in general. The experts tell us that the economy is hotter than ever, but headwinds facing us include the context of a Presidential election, various taxes on E-commerce transactions, and the China trade deal. Still, passion and the pure excitement of modifying cars will drive us all forward.ย 

The SEMA and PRI staff are coming off of a very successful 2019 with record attendance and positive brand enthusiasm for both events. This is a great team effort headed up by Chris Kersting, Bill Miller, Wade Kawasaki, Tim Martin, James Lawrence, and the other SEMA executive staff and SEMA BoD members. Congrats to all.

Good friends Mike Galimi and Steve Wolcott, former SEMA Board of Director, helped kick off another successful SEMA Show.

Under SEMA Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tim Martin, the SEMA Board has a very busy schedule of work for 2020. I wanted to share this schedule with you as well as to let you know that we have also had several team conference calls when critical decisions/votes are needed.

SEMA Board of Directors Schedule for 2020

  • Feb: Strategic Work Session
  • May: Washington DC Rally
  • July: California Board Meeting and Installation Gala
  • Nov: SEMA Show
  • Dec: PRI Show & Board Meeting

I have often been asked, โ€œWhat can I do to help SEMA?โ€

The most important thing you can do to help protect your business is for you and your employees to contact your state representatives and tell them to support the SEMA-lead RPM Act.  You need to do it right now!

Follow this link for background information on the RPM Act as well as how to contact your state officials:

Along this same line, youโ€™ll see the SEMA Board support increased activity for the PRI trade show and the racing community in general. I am a firm believer in motorsports as a driver for our industry through pure excitement, competition, and consumption of product. And, hey, what else would we talk about on Monday mornings?

A belated congratulations to Dan Kahn, who was selected as SEMAโ€™s 2019 Person of the Year. I was proud to serve as the Chairman of the SEMA Person of the Year committee, and Dan, with his years of dedication and service to the SEMA community, is a wonderful recipient of this reward. Congratulations, Dan!

As always, I welcome your feedback as well as your updates on the industry. Until next time, I want to wish you and your family the very best for 2020. 


Dr. Jamie Meyer
SEMA Board of Directors