SEMA 2019 – Q1 Update

When you voted me to the SEMA Board of Directors, I promised that I would take you on this journey with me. This blog post will serve as our Q1 update, and there’s a lot going on. In addition to my SEMA Board of Directors duties (lead by Chairman Wade Kawasaki and Chair-Elect Tim Martin), I have been asked to serve on the SEMA BoD Nomination Committee (Chaired by former SEMA Chairman, Jim Cozzie) as well as the PRI Task Force (Chaired by James Lawrence).

Under the leadership of Chris Kersting, Bill Miller, and David Gouch, SEMA is poised to continue the fight for our freedom to modify and personalize our cars, trucks, and SUVs. Chief amongst these initiatives has been the continued push for the SEMA RPM Act, a response to the EPA’s move to disallow street cars to ever become race cars. Clearly, there is concern over race equipment (that violates emission standards) being installed on street cars. Board members are in support of this initiative, but it’s a complicated path through a Republican Senate and a Democratic House. The SEMA DC staff continues their delicate work with lawmakers, but you can do your part by watching for updates from SEMA and contacting your representatives when prompted.  

It’s hard for me to imagine that my SEMA Board run started a year ago, but I am reminded of that work as I sit on the SEMA nomination committee. The job of this team is to provide you, the voting SEMA members, with the most capable members amongst us to continue the work of SEMA. For me this was all about Protecting Our Industry, Engaging Our Youth, and Preparing Us for a Bright Future. I am proud to report that the field of candidates for the SEMA Board of Directors is stacked with experienced executives, enthusiasts, and SEMA volunteers who will fight for you. You will see this slate of candidates in late March, and it is critical that you vote for the future of SEMA. This year, you will be voting on the SEMA Chair-Elect, three open seats in the Manufacturers category, and one seat in the Manufacturer’s Rep category.

The PRI Task Force has been working on ways to expand the impact, reach, and protection of the motorsports and racing industry. Five years ago, when SEMA purchased PRI, it gave these industries new support. But, now is the time to grow this business while watching for any challenges that come at us. James Lawrence has done a great job of leading this effort, and I am excited to play a role. Look for a formal announcement on this work as well as how you can get involved to help grow the motorsports industry.  

In May, the SEMA Board will take a weeklong break from our daily duties to focus on the future of the industry. There is a lot of work to get done, but one of the most challenging is to help the SEMA Staff focus on those activities that are most important to you. The staff has taken on a number of projects for all of the right reasons, but the SEMA Board is looking for a way to streamline those projects allowing the staff to execute with excellence. Tell me what SEMA-lead projects or initiatives that you believe work. Your feedback will make a difference in the board room.  

Wishing you the very best in 2019,

Dr. Jamie Meyer

SEMA Board of Directors