Checking in from the SEMA Board

July marks my one-year anniversary of serving the high performance aftermarket industry as a SEMA Board of Directors Member, and I am excited to get back to the SEMA board room and the following Installation Gala this Friday, July 26. Please, join us in celebrating the industry, and make sure you stop me to say hello. I am looking forward to getting updates from across the automotive universe to see how things are going in your corner of the world.

Brembo SEMA Town Hall
In June, Brembo hosted a SEMA Town Hall for the Detroit area members of SEMA and related industry experts. It was a smashing success. Hosted by Chris Kersting, President and CEO of SEMA, and Tim Martin, incoming Chairman of the SEMA Board of Directors, the crowd of 100-plus industry experts took turns asking questions and getting the latest from the two industry leaders. I ran into good friends Chris Johnson of JMS and Derive; SEMA BoD member Brian Lounsberry’s team from Motovicity; Tim Frost of the National Speedway Directory; Bill Martens and Jason St. John from Chevrolet Performance; Joe Borschke; Jordan Zlotoff from the M1 Concourse; and Chris Polemitis from Brembo North America. My big takeaway from this event was that the concerns of the industry leaders aligned with the work that is being done by the SEMA staff. And, this is a reflection of what the SEMA Board of Directors is driving for. Real concerns exist with getting products EO-certified in California and the states that follow CARB. Tariffs on imported products; support for racing venues; and better relationships with the OEM for support with advancing technologies were all discussed. Thank you to the SEMA staff as well as our Brembo hosts for such an enjoyable and educational evening.

Chris Johnson of JMS and Derive flew in from Florida to join the Detroit Town Hall. Chris is an expert in EPA/ARB Compliance, a hot topic for SEMA member companies and enthusiasts across the country.

C8 Release
The hottest car in the industry right now is the C8 Corvette – hey, I had to get a plug in for the home team! The reveal of the vehicle last Thursday night was a complete global happening. I am so proud of the hard work of thousands of engineers, product planners, marketing experts, and communication teams. If you haven’t yet, I urge you to check out the mid-engine Corvette online.

The launch of this car – and more importantly the reaction of the buying public – has been interesting to watch. After years of working on the car, it is exciting for me to see the reaction. Plus, there is wild stuff coming to support the car and the performance community. From my SEMA BoD seat, it is great to see the market reaction to this car – helping to ensure growth in the segment. We all feel it. Our customers are telling us, but this thing has legs for decades. I have helped sell 20-40 just off my simple Facebook posts. Smart dealers are taking orders now and asking for more allotments later. Speed shops are ordering R&D samples. And, this big industry machine is getting ready to take advantage of another automotive grand slam. Here is to years and years of excellence for the Chevrolet Corvette.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Heading into the Board Room
I’ll be back with another update after the July Board meeting and before the big SEMA Show. As always, I am your representative to SEMA. I want your emails. I want your calls. I want to help you grow and protect this great industry. I wish you good luck on the second half of the year, and I will see you all … in Vegas … at the greatest car show on the face of the planet.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Jamie Meyer
SEMA Board of Director