Hi, I’m Dr. Jamie.

I believe I am uniquely positioned to work with the high performance industry and spot trends that affect the members of SEMA – decades before they come to market. I’ve seen multiple sides of this industry. From a freelance journalist who used to sneak into SEMA and PRI, I have become the expert who controls the portfolio of performance parts for the largest automotive company in the world. I am a classically trained marketer, but, most recently, I’ve spent three years on the job learning the development, financing, and production side of the business. I believe that I am very well-rounded with a wide network of friends who will work, by my side to improve the reach and impact of the SEMA organization.

My current assignment at GM has me leading the business development for the accessories and performance parts team with large annual sales targets. I have direct lead on the operating capital used to develop new products; development of all performance parts business cases; responsibility of the profitability of each product in the portfolio; reporting duties for sales objectives; direct input on the vehicle program teams at GM to develop performance parts within their corporate budgets; day-to-day tracking of all engineering development activities; and final yearend report out. I also have input on the distribution through the ADI network as well as the 4500 GM vehicle dealers on all performance parts. Strategic development at this level includes the right-sizing of the portfolio, profitability, annual budget requirements, and marketing/communications requirements up to and including full integration of Chevrolet at the SEMA show.

The industry issues that we will face in the next few years – electric propulsion, autonomous vehicles, and the coming greenhouse gas regulations – have me keenly interested in being a part of the SEMA leadership. These technological advances are so revolutionary that I don’t think we have faced anything like this in our lifetimes. I would be very dedicated to making sure the high performance industry is positioned to thrive during the transition.